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BKD studio



Beth Keener-Flanery
Beth Keener Designs

A.S. Graphic Design
B.A. Fine Art & Print Making
M.A. Art History & Curatorial Services

The challenge is for my work to be sustainable,
unique, and hand-crafted. "Perfectly imperfect."
The goal is to create something with a feminine touch and a bold edge to your bag rotation.

I make each purse a unique item – produced by
my hands, not a machine. I dedicate an incredible amount of time to each detail, from selecting the materials to the creative process, while utilizing as many vintage and upcycled goods as possible.

I hope my work is received in the spirit of originality and fun – a result of my passion for creating objects and experimentation. I love making one-of-a-kind purses in small batches. Conscious design with limited runs.

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