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The art world is changing rapidly,
but Beth believes that it has
opened the door for good.

Beth works with the
Arts Council of Greater Morgantown
to curate public spaces with their
Gallery Without Walls initiative.

As a working artist, advocate, curator, and interior stylist, she encourages
collectors to support working artists.

When you buy what you love or share your space by transforming it into a working gallery, you ensure that artists are given an opportunity to reach a greater market and are fairly compensated.


Together we will change the art world
for the better. Let's make it happen!


Beth Keener-Flanery

A.S. Graphic Design
B.A. Fine Art & Print Making
M.A. Art History & Curatorial Services


April/May 2020 Feature Morgantown Magazine


Beth has worked in the visual arts field for 30 years. Some of those roles include graphic designer, Executive Assistant at the Mattress Factory Museum of Contemporary Art in Pittsburgh, and  Contemporary Craft, owner of SevenArt Gallery in downtown Nashville and Executive Director of the Arts Council of Greater Morgantown, to name a few.

You should feel empowered to collect
the art you want on your budget.

Work directly with her to curate
your public or personal space.


Mon Health Hospital



Prospective buyers evaluate
many aspects of your home or

property to determine if they
would love it enough to purchase.

While they might not directly consider your art or decorative pieces displayed as something important (after all, it doesn’t stay with the home), the subconscious cues they receive from
the art and environment can set off
either positive or negative feelings.

Home staging brings out the home’s best features and creates a positive, inviting emotional quality when potential buyers tour the property.

Images provided from former employer
at Now Leasing Corporate Housing
Nashville and Memphis, TN

A small sample of work in Beth Keener Designs portfolio. Select image to view slide show.

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