about me


Hello, my name is Beth.


Creative Introspectionist and Neo-Shaker Wanna-Be.


I hold several degrees and have dedicated many years to the professional field of art. I'm thankful for my education and career, but am learning even more about creating during this season of life out here in the woods in my small studio, with my husband, and critters. As I age I certainly appreciate the formalities, but I am becoming equally more interested in the lighthearted creative and colorful journey. 

I'm enlivened by great design, story-telling, simplicity, and brilliance in utilitarian artwork. There is an aesthetic dialogue in what we eat, drink, products we use, where we shop, play, and how we approach our day-to-day. I hope that you find this evident in my one-off, wearable artisan clutches, and body of work.


In 2020 I am exploring and producing a collection of curated vintage silk purses with detailed paintings of women and fashions throughout history. 

Through prayer & working to live my best life, the goal has shifted from working to impress, to striving toward creative impact. 


I hope to encourage others to inspire and be inspired by living thoughtfully right where they are. No gimmicks or tricks up my sleeve – just a bunch of lovely ideas pushed through the creative process and shared.

3 dogs 

Posie Marie, Mini-Pomeranian 2008 – 2018

Penelope Marie, Mini-Pomeranian

Little Jesse Ringo, Rat Terrier Mix

Jasper Destry, Mini-Rat Terrier

4 cats

Pippa Mae, Calico

Finnegan Bartholomew III, Black Kitty

Little River Boy, Light Grey/White Feet
Princess Buttercup,
Orange & White 2017-2019
Grey Stray Kitty - RIP May 2020

2 fancy tents

We have two teepees on our property

2 gardens

We have two large gardens and we can food at the end of the season.

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